The needs of each school are unique. Opaa! helps identify those needs and then offers a combination of the following services:

USDA Food & Nutrition Service Programs

  • National School Lunch Program
  • National School Breakfast Program
  • Summer Food Service Program
  • After School Program
  • Reimbursable Breakfast on MAP Testing Days

Marketing & Promotions

Throughout the school year, Opaa! takes part in marketing and promotion opportunities designed to encourage participation in the National School Lunch and National School Breakfast programs. We've also developed the following programs to encourage healthier lifestyle choices:

Welcome Back!
Fun, exciting events in the cafeteria provide a sense of "homecoming" as students return for the new school year

National School Lunch Week
This nationwide promotion every October is designed to make students and parents aware of the benefits of school lunch

National School Breakfast Week
This week-long celebration every March encourages students to give school breakfast a try

Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebrations
Each year, in recognition of Dr. Seuss's birthday, Opaa! offers a "Green Eggs and Ham" breakfast in our elementary schools. To add to the fun, we invite high school students to read to the younger ones during the meal

Breakfast with Champions
This event brings high school athletes into the elementary buildings to sit at tables with younger students. Young ones cherish the time spent with these local "heroes" and the athletes take pride in being mentors

Wellness and Nutrition Fairs
Opaa! helps the district plan a program designed to bring families to visit the school and discover new information about health and wellness

Farm Sprouts and Food from the Farm
These programs allow kindergarten and pre-K students to see firsthand fruits and vegetables being grown on local farms. The programs are developed and implemented by the University of Missouri Extension Service. Opaa! has partnered with MU Extension to provide this program in Lafayette County

Farm to School
Opaa! proudly serves locally grown, fresh produce when seasonally available, partnering with Rasa Orchard, Hamra Farms and Farhmeier Farms

Extreme Fruit and Vegetable Challenge
Each month our menus list an "Extreme Fruit and Vegetable" that students are challenged to sample. These tastings are fun, and provide an opportunity to taste new and different healthy fruits and vegetables

Healthier US School Challenge
Opaa! designs corporate menus to meet the criteria of Healthier US School Challenge for Elementary Schools

Fuel Up to Play
This program from the National Dairy Council teaches students the importance of dairy in their diets and encourages them to "get up and play"

Team Nutrition
All Opaa! schools are members. Team Nutrition provides the most current, important information related to school meals and initiatives

Local Events and Celebrations
Designed to encourage participation in the School Lunch and Breakfast program, these programs include:

  • Back to School Cook-Outs and Picnics
  • Breakfast in the Classroom
  • Grandparents Day
  • "Souper" Bowl Celebrations
  • Holiday Features and Party Celebrations
  • National School Bus Drivers Day
  • American Education Week
  • Board of Education Celebrations
  • National Principals Day
  • Teacher Appreciation Events
  • National School Food Service Workers Day
  • National Read to a Child Day

Value-Added Services


  • Multiple choice menus at all grade levels for breakfast and lunch
  • Menus compliant with Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act requirements
  • Menus available printed, on the school district website and Opaa!’s mobile app
  • Special menus designed for staff members to enjoy a minimum of once weekly
  • Monthly menu features created by our corporate chef to increase students participation

Programs to Increase Student Participation & Nutrition

  • Marketing and promotion programs
  • Assistance in application for HealthierUS School Challenge Certification
  • Farm-to-School Events
  • Health and Wellness Fairs
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Assistance
  • Breakfast in the Classroom
  • Universal Breakfast
  • After School Meals for students participating in activities after school
  • After School Snack Program
  • Full catering program including classroom parties and banquets

Safety & Compliance


  • Compliance with Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Regulations
  • Assistance with State Agency reviews
  • Assistance with implementation of Wellness Policies and HACCP food safety program

Foodservice Staff Support & Training

  • On site Director of Nutrition Services
  • Regional Director of Operations located within 2 hours of your school district to provide assistance
  • ServSafe Certification of all Directors of Nutrition Services and Kitchen Managers
  • Training webinars for Directors of Nutrition Services
  • Newtrition Newsletters to keep you informed of the latest news from USDA Food and Nutrition Services
  • Training provided to meet Professional Standards Requirements
  • Selection, orientation, supervision and evaluation of foodservice employees

 Opaa! and Grants - Assistance in filing for a variety of grants including

  • State Equipment Grants
  • Fuel Up to Play 60 Grants
  • Fuel Up to Play Equipment Grants
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
  • Annie’s Garden Grants
  • Healthy and Active Community Grants

Farm to School Initiatives

  • Pizza crust and calzone crust from a farmer owned and operated wheat mill
  • Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce are locally sourced when seasonally available
  • Fresh apples during harvest
  • All rice is sourced from a Missouri Mill in Bernie, Missouri
  • Melons are locally sourced during harvest

Student Engagement

  • Nutrition Advisory Council – Committees are created to educate students and gain feedback
  • Student surveys
  • Extreme fruit and vegetable challenge to encourage students to try new foods
  • Active and healthy lifestyle education
  • National School Lunch and National School Breakfast Celebrations

Resource Management

  • Volume Purchasing Power
  • Milk & Bread Bids
  • Commodity Food Management
  • Farm-to-School purchasing when seasonally available