Q. What types of meals can we expect from Opaa?
A: First, you can expect a much wider variety of choices on a daily basis. In fact, participation rates tend to rise when Opaa's "multi-choice" menus and "scratchcooking" recipes are introduced. We also include popular, brand name products on our monthly menus and feature popular promotions on a regular basis. Teachers, administrators and classified staff will benefit from Opaa's Staff Special menus. Finally, you can be assured that our menus will comply with the USDA School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children for both National School Lunch and Breakfast programs.

Q. In a transition to an Opaa! Food Management program, what happens to our current food service employees?
A: We understand your loyalty to your current food service staff and we will make every effort to retain them, providing them the additional training they need to become part of the Opaa! team. Early in the transition process, members of our management team conduct an orientation session to help foodservice staff understand who we are, why we are here, and how we can work together. Check out this testimonial from an employee who made the transition.

Q. How will Opaa! Food Management work with our district to make the transition as problem-free as possible?
A: A smooth transition is one of our highest priorities. Opaa! utilizes a multi-disciplined approach with subject matter experts from Wellness & Nutrition, Operations, Human Resources and Accounting along with time-tested checklists to ensure no detail is overlooked. Your director will visit a designated training facility to spend focused time learning the Opaa! way. Trainers will also be available to assist with the transition onsite in your own facilities.

Q. How are you able to provide these additional offerings, work with our existing staff, and still help us with our financial and educational "bottom lines"?
A: Opaa! Food Management's proven programs increase student satisfaction and, therefore, increase participation and overall program revenues. After introducing Opaa!'s management techniques, your program will achieve greater production efficiencies. Couple that with Opaa's volume purchasing power and your district will be assured the most cost-effective food service "bottom line" possible. Further, with Opaa! managing your district's nutrition program, your school administration can shift its attention from the day-to-day duties associated with the school lunch program and focus instead on educational issues. This will result in an improved educational "bottom line."

You can also download this brochure to find out more.