Make Their Day

Opaa! Food Management's mission statement "Make Their Day" may be short, but it says a lot.

A school meal can be the highlight of a child's dayand in some cases, the only good meal they will receive that day. What a responsibilityand what a privilegeto be the ones who "Make Their Day."

Our mission statement is important because it gives us a common purpose and reminds us that, for any given child on any given day, a warm smile and an encouraging word may be as much needed as a warm meal.

We find that it works both ways. When an employee makes a child's day, it also makes the employee's day.

Core Values

Opaa! Family Members do whatever it takes to...

  • Act in the best interest of the students, schools, and communities we serve
  • Be honest in everything we do
  • Have a passion to serve others
  • Commit to continuous improvement

Four Pillars of The Opaa! Promise

Everything we do at Opaa! is built upon four sustainable pillars that clearly identify what customers, internal and external, can expect from our company.

  • Exceptional value
  • Fresh, safe & nutritious offerings
  • Flexible & proven programs
  • Warm hospitality

Success feeds Success

When Opaa's multi-choice and "scratch cooking" recipes are introduced to a school for the first time, student satisfaction and participation levels often rise. This is what we like to refer to as "Success feeds Success."

“Success feeds Success” also underscores our belief that healthy meals help to fuel successful students who, in turn, grow up to be successful members of our communities. A successful child nutrition program is one of the important links in a thriving community.

“Success feeds Success” also acknowledges that Opaa's success depends on the success of our partners—clients, suppliers and staff.